amber brookman

re: synapses series


Perceptual narrowing is a neurological process that uses experience to tune perception at a synaptic level. The synapses series represents a literal expression of that narrowing for me. The work focuses not only on a smaller format but also a microscopic representation of brain function and neural connections. As always, my studies provide tangible content, but the resulting art is not specifically about this content.  The synapses are as much about perception and connection as they are about neuronal morphology. Not often in my work does the subject remain instantly recognizable, which makes this series rare for me.


Geometry, mathematics and numerology mostly drove my earlier work, while reading about science, physics and brain function has inspired my recent work in a quest to explore human consciousness and define the elusive connection between us all. Connection is the thread that runs through every series.  Each new series represents the process of paring down the essentials and omitting the superfluous in exchange for simplicity and ultimately, beauty; a perceptual narrowing that continues to drive all of my work.



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